Accidental Art: Hunter Pence and Michael Morse during the game against the Chicago Cubs (8/21/2014), by way of /r/baseball.

Two comments within the thread stand out,

Hunter looks the way people look in photos that are 200 years old. Maybe he fought in the war of 1812. [1]


This is actually kind of uncanny. That dramatic lighting, the drama of Morse’s gesturing and Pence’s placid thousand-yard stare… This could be Jesus and John the Baptist. I’ve never seen anything like it. Or actually, I’ve seen lots of things like it, but they were all in museums and art history lectures. Amazing. [2]

This photo is a screengrab from the television broadcast of the game.

Now look at the photo again.

It isn’t the male gaze, dominant narratives of sexuality, or hegemonic femininity which reigns true throughout Minaj’s work. It’s her own sexual state of being. And when Nicki Minaj struts out in a string bikini or exudes her own sexuality in the middle of something otherwise empowering, it isn’t an inherent contradiction or a cause for debate. It’s simply a reflection of how many women — women who, often, feel comfortable with and empowered in their choices — are living their sexual lives. As sexual beings, we’re allowed to indulge in self-directed pursuits of pleasure without shame. We’re allowed to be frank about our own exploits. We’re feminists who fuck, and a lot of times it looks like both things happening at the exact same time.